The Open Application Period is designed to give all interested parents equal opportunity for their child to attend Monroe Charter Academy. During the Open Application Period, all applications get equal consideration regardless of date submitted. Applications will be available on the school’s website and can be completed electronically. Paper copies can be mailed to families upon request. Upon receipt of an application, there will be a confirmation sent that we received your application. At the end of the Open Application Period, if the number of applications exceeds the number of open seats, a random selection lottery will be conducted to determine acceptance. The date, time, and location of the lottery will be announced well in advance, will be communicated via email to all applicants, and will be displayed on the school’s website. If the number of applications does not exceed the number of open seats, all applicants are accepted for their respective grade. Once a student is accepted to the school, parents will need to confirm their child’s spot and complete the necessary enrollment forms.